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Top Team Garage Door Repair

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Top Team Garage Door Repair

New Door Installation

Visit our offices to know more about our wide range of materials and variety of styles to select from, just as soon as you have made up your mind on the gate you’d like, you are only seconds away from getting your garage door installed. Let us assist you into making that garage door you always wanted a dream come true.

Garage Door Bellevue, WA

New Opener Installation

In relation to home gate openers, our staff at Top Team Garage Door Repair counts with the most proficient team of highly-trained employees, who are known for having the pertinent abilities to set up literally any type of garage door openers. Including chain driven, belt driven and shaft driven openers. We have remote and wireless access control systems in our inventory as well.

Top Team Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair

At Top Team Garage Door Repair we offer a 24/7 garage door repair service. So whenever you find yourself having any issues regarding your garage door, the door opener, the springs, the lock system, the rail track, the remote or wireless access control system, do not hesitate to contact us at the earliest possible.

Garage Doors

Damaged or old garage door? Door off its tracks? Opener jammed? Tired of looking at your old door?

Call our experts at Top Team Garage Door today for fast, friendly affordable garage door sales and service! With locations in Apple Valley, Blaine, Bloomington, Burnsville, Crystal, Eagan, Edina, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Golden Valley, Roseville, Shakopee, and Shoreview, we are able and happy to serve the greater Twin Cities area of Minnesota and beyond.

We are experts in both garage door installation and repair for a variety of homes and local businesses.

We’ve seen it all and done it all and are proud to say so! New doors, which can be insulated or fire-resistant at your discretion, can be installed in record time with our professionals on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re pleased to say that we have the nation’s most extensive selection of doors at affordable prices so that you can choose a garage door for your business or home that meets all of your needs. After doing business here for the last several years, we understand the unique problems and situations that can occur for our customers here in Minnesota and have a solution for each of them.

It’s no accident that we’re located here.

Our company is proud to do business in such a thriving area of the country. Did you know that the twin cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis are located at the convergence of the St. Croix, Minnesota, and Mississippi Rivers? St. Paul, known for its German-Catholic and French roots, is older and known for its Victorian architecture and homes while younger Minneapolis, shaped by its Lutheran and Scandinavian founders, is better known for a more modern look and its skyscrapers.

Both cities are equally important with St. Paul serving as the state capital and Minneapolis as the largest city in the state. There is no one consensus on what exactly serves as the official Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area but most often it includes 14 counties in Minnesota — Anoka, Carver, Chisago, Dakota, Hennepin, Isanti, Le Sueur, Mille Lacs, Ramsey, Scott, Sherburne, Sibley, Washington, and Wright — and Pierce and St. Croix counties in Wisconsin.

The area has quite the rich history with the first non-native settlement in 1837 about 20 miles from the center of St. Paul in what is now known as Stillwater. Fort Snelling soon followed after its construction in 1825 at the joining of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers. The two cities were significantly shaped by the geography surrounding them. Saint Anthony Falls gave birth to Minneapolis and to its nickname as the Mill City while Lambert’s Landing’s ease of access for upstream water traffic gave St. Paul a way to grow and gain revenue for itself.
At different times, the area has been known for its rail service and its industry but now serves as the headquarters to several Fortune 500 companies and is the second largest medical device manufacturing center on the continent and the fourth largest banking center in the United States. The area still has several working bridges from the 1920s and 1930s and is proud of that legacy and its key location on the Mississippi while also continuing to reinvent itself with the building of several new cultural icons in recent years like the Guthrie Theater, Central Public Library, the Walker Art Center, and Weisman Art Center.

We believe the Twin Cities continue to attract new residents and continue to grow in part due to businesses likes ours who give their customers platinum-level customer service with a smile. Our associates are known for their helpfulness and knowledge and are happy to address your questions and concerns. We are experts in this field, and our customers trust us to deliver a high-quality product and high-quality workmanship at an unbeatable price. Time and again, we’ve had customers come back to us with horror stories about other companies overpromising and underdelivering. We set ourselves apart from our competitors by exceeding your expectations and delivering even more than you could imagine is possible. That’s the Top Team Garage Door way.

We understand that choosing a new garage door can be overwhelming.

With most homeowners only replacing their garage door one time during the time they live in the home, we know this is a big decision that you need to consider carefully. Cost is definitely a factor, of course, and we do everything we can to provide many affordable options for every customer. You should also consider what the rest of the exterior of your home looks like and if your garage door goes along with this aesthetic. The type of material and the durability of the door over time is something else to consider, and we’ll be happy to explain what we think would work best in your situation. We know that one-size-fits-all solutions don’t work for our customers so we won’t try to sell you a door that won’t work or isn’t what you want. We want to make money (we are a business after all) but not at the expense of losing a customer or causing a customer unnecessary financial stress or pain.

While garage doors can be manufactured out of almost anything, they are most often created from wood, steel, or aluminum, and there are pros and cons to each choice. Wood garage doors usually require more maintenance than any other type, and their price points run all over the board depending on their construction. Steel doors are known for their strength and durability and can be made even more durable with a fiberglass overlay. Doors made from aluminum can be constructed from polyethylene, resulting in a lighter-weight door, or extruded frames with laminated panels. We’d love to work with you to pick a door that will work correctly and look beautiful for years to come.

After you’ve settled on the perfect door and have had it delivered to your home or business, we will not only install it but also double check its various safety features. The invisible beam from the door sensor must be checked to be sure it aligns with the floor in the event that someone or something goes beneath the door as it is descending. Most modern doors are equipped with a backup battery for those times when your home might briefly lose electricity, and all garage doors have a manual release that can be used in the event of a malfunction of some sort. Both need to be evaluated at the time of installation so you can be sure that they will work if they are ever needed. Your safety and that of your family and friends is of paramount importance to us here at Top Team Garage Door.

Something very wrong can happen very quickly when it comes to a malfunctioning or breaking of the largest moving door in your home. Having it replaced or repaired by a trained experienced professional like one of our employees gives you the peace of mind to continue to enjoy your house and your garage over the years. Most homeowners use their garage door more than any other entrance in their house so let’s be certain it’s up to our company’s standards of excellence for as long as you live there and use it. We’d hate to think of what could happen without a professional installation or repair!

We don’t limit our customer base to only those people who live in Minneapolis and St. Paul, though!

We also have locations in several other cities and towns close by with equally excellent reputations for being great places to work and live. Apple Valley, for instance, was chosen by Time Magazine as the 17th Best Place to Live in the country while Family Circle chose Shoreville as its fourth best town for families. Of course, Bloomington is known for being the home of the Mall of America but did you realize its neighbors Burnsville, Crystal, Eagan, and Edina are known for their natural beauty and historical landmarks? Cities like Golden Valley, the headquarters of General Mills, and Roseville pride themselves on embracing businesses like us while cities like Blaine and Shakopee are known for the recreational opportunities they provide for their residents. We think we work in the best part of the country, and that’s why we treat our customers here so well!

We can help you even if you’re not interested in a new door.

Top Team Garage Door also specializes in garage door repair and maintenance. Several problems could arise over the lifetime of your garage door, and we understand how to fix any problem that could occur. Garage door operators, openers, and remotes can start to work improperly or stop working altogether. We know that a broken garage door not only can prevent you from getting around and living your life but could also put your family or your belongings at risk. A quick response and repair from us put you back on the road, literally and figuratively, to the life you’ve worked so hard for.

For instance, the operator of the garage door can malfunction causing the door to not properly close or to reverse without touching the floor first. The door’s extension springs or torsion springs can break and require replacement. If your garage door cables come off the pulleys, it will need a technician’s capable hands and expert knowledge. While a damaged panel may look like just a cosmetic issue, it could be an indication that a structural problem is occurring as well. Garage door rollers often bend or break, and their replacement means a better and often quieter operation of the door. Along the same lines, your garage door’s tracks can bend or come out of alignment, and they must be repaired as well. Finally, it could be that your garage door weather seal has become damaged or eroded and is allowing the elements or any number of household pests to invade your home. Our technician will take the time to thoroughly investigate any potential problem he or she sees while on the job because that’s the kind of care and concern we show for every single one of our customers. No matter what the problem is, we can take care of it right away with our 24/7 guaranteed service.

We also install and repair garage door openers and remotes.

The three most common types of garage door openers are chain drives, belt drives, and screw drives. A chain drive garage door opener is the most common and, as you might guess, uses a chain to push and pull a trolley up and down with your door. They can be quite noisy but are otherwise very practical and efficient. A belt drive garage door opener is more expensive as it uses a belt rather than a chain to move the door up and down. A belt drive is usually less noisy than a chain drive. A screw drive garage door opener rotates a steel rod to move the trolley that operates the door. They are less loud than a chain drive but often noisier than a belt drive. Remotes vary by opener but include induction loop systems, keyless entries, treadles, key switches, and push buttons. Don’t worry if this seems like too much information to remember or process. That’s our job! Your job is simply to enjoy your newly installed or repaired garage door.

Whether we’re doing an installation or a repair for you, we do it anytime, anywhere, no matter the weather.

You know as well as we do that Minnesota’s climate can be quite a mixed bag of tricks with summer highs in the low 80s and winter lows in the negative single digits but we handle it all with a smile. Sometimes that’s the trade-off for living in such a beautiful state known for its incredible geography. Even the name comes from its trademark water. Experts believe that the Dakota tribe’s word for Minnesota comes from “mni sota” which means either “cloudy water” or “clear blue water.” Our nickname “The Land of 10,000 Lakes” is true (11,842 to be precise) and, of course, includes our portion of Lake Superior. We have rivers and streams, too, like the Mississippi, Red, Chippewa, Minnesota, and St. Croix Rivers which all culminate in 69,000 miles of natural flowing waters. Add deciduous forest and western prairie to the mix, and you have quite the state!

In addition to its natural beauty, Minnesota is ranked as one of the wealthiest and best-educated states in the country, so it’s no wonder that it has such a high standard of living index, too. While Minnesota used to be known primarily for its fur trading, agriculture (it remains the largest producer of green peas, sugar beets, and corn in the country), and wood products, it’s now also on the forefront of technological and biomedical innovation. The famed Mayo Clinic has been rated the number one facility in the country in several different medical specializations and no lower than tenth in the sixteen specialties evaluated. This is a culture and a state we want to be a part of! With more than 60 percent of the residents of Minnesota located right here in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, we know we’ve picked the best place possible to set up shop and intend on staying right here for years to come.

Maybe your door doesn’t need to be replaced or repaired but modernized to make it more convenient and efficient for you and your family.

Yup, we can do that, too! Give us a call to discuss the different technologies we can modify your door with today. You know that you want to be on the cutting edge, and we want to help get you there. Your garage should be just as technologically advanced as the rest of your home, don’t you think? We think so, too!

The latest and greatest in garage door technology includes smartphone apps, rolling codes, and automated timers. Smartphone apps allow you quick and easy access to your garage door when you are away from home from any enabled smartphone, tablet, or computer you have on hand. Now you can set up daytime appointments with contractors or landscapers and give them access to your home without needing to finagle your schedule or miss work entirely. You could also use this handy feature to allow your neighbors access to your home to check your mail, your belongings, your plants, or your pets while you’re traveling or vacationing. The technology behind rolling codes keeps would-be thieves and other “code grabbers” from using your code to gain access to your home by changing the code each time you use it. Such a simple way to add another layer of protection to your home! An electronic timer can be set to activate after the garage door has been open for a length of time of your choosing. No more worrying about whether you closed the door or not on your way to an important appointment or meeting!

Intrigued by what you’ve read here and want to find out more about the products and services we provide?

With several ways to contact us, day or night, there’s no excuse for putting this off any longer! One of our newest communication channels is right here on the site: live chat with one of our associates. We know talking on the phone can sometimes take more time and energy than you have to spend when you are already juggling work, family, and other responsibilities so why not just send us a quick instant message when you do have the time? We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can. You can also send us an email from the contact form at the bottom of this page that we’ll reply to as soon as possible. Of course, we do have a phone number that you can call at your convenience: 952-377-8884. Our employees are standing by for your call and ready with answers to any question you might have for us.

Once we’ve talked through everything that is happening (or isn’t happening) with your garage door, we will create and send you a free quote for the work that you’ll need before we start the job.

Even with our affordable selection of high-quality garage doors, we can appreciate that you want the best bang for your buck. Your quote will include exactly what it will cost and how long it will take us to complete the job. Your satisfaction and happiness with our company is everything to us, and we promise to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes until you’re happy. We’re confident in the knowledge and experience we’ve gained over the years that we’re the best garage door installation and repair company around, and you will be, too, once you’ve hired us.


Top Team Garage Door Repair

Who we are

Top Team Garage Door Repair trained professional are aware of all the state-of-the-art, high-tech alternatives in relation to a whole new market in garage doors, only available in our store. Our skilled staff of employees counts with the experience and proficiency to set up any type of garage door. We are committed to the community, and we want to make Bellevue a better and safer place to live in.


When it comes to materials, we have just the greatest and most current types in the region as of today. In addition, we provide our extensive experience in all our installations, whether you are into our classic and traditional wooden doors or into a lighter yet sturdier steel option. Lightweight materials such as aluminum and fiber are in our inventory as well.


We have the absolute best skills and required training in thermal insulation. You can have your doors specially made and customized with insulation materials to assure their maximum thermal containment.


We have the broadest selection of garage doors openers in the market. From the quiet belt driven openers to the strong chain driven openers. Although, they both count with the necessary qualities to lift even the heaviest garage gates. If there should be any out of the ordinary circumstance causing a power shutdown, you will need a power supplier, which are in stock at our store.

Affordable Service

We always put  the 110% in all the services we provide and make sure you only pay exactly for what you required, and at the most reasonable prices.

Reliable Services

We know how crucial your time is. That’s why we respond to your requirements and thus attend to your situation as it is only possible.

Professional Services

We have the best group of highly experienced professionals, who are completely trained for the job at hand.

Clients Testimonials

  • Jerry Connelly

    My wife, the kids and myself couldn’t be more excited about the job Top Team Garage Door Repair did in our house. They’ve just installed in our garage the most stunning door in the whole neighborhood! The best is how fast they accomplish that. What an awesome job! We are very satisfied and we can blindly recommend them to everyone who is interested in this type of business.

  • Danielle Ferguson

    When I got in touch with Top Team Garage Door Repair Services, I kind of thought that setting up a brand new garage door would cost a lot and take forever. I was pretty surprised though when I realized how affordable it was, not to mention how quickly they did the job. Very responsible and trust-worthy company. I am recommending them to all of my neighbors, not to brag about my nice new gate or anything, but because I’m getting compliments as well as questions about it on a daily basis.

  • Bill Heffernan

    My father and I had at home this really old and sort of broken opener for the garage gate. We were actually thinking about throwing it away and getting a new one. But when the guys from Top Team Garage Door Repair came by, checked it, and told us it could be easily fixed, cleaned and re-installed, we were a bit skeptic. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw that thing going up and down smoothly as it were brand new in just a few minutes. Great job guys! Highly recommended!

Our Basic Services

Top Team Garage Door Repair provides all kinds of garage door services for your either your home or your office. Our experts labor 24/7, with only the highest standards of professionalism, reliability and work ethics; as we like to keep a close business relation with our clients, avoiding our customers to become apart from our reach, giving us the opportunity to take care of their work as soon as requested.

These are our three main fields:

Top Team Garage Door Repair

Top Team Garage Door Installation

We are capable of doing any type of installation of any size and shape of garage door. If you want to know more about the systems, styles and materials we use, you only have to ask us anything you need! We will install the kind of opener that best fits your requests, including, but not limited to: access control systems, remote controls and photocells, which can all be bought at our store as well as be set up by us.

Top Team Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair Service

Do not put your gates at any risk. Prevent them from jams or breakage of any kind. Set our garage door services on your schedule and program a maintenance plan for your door. This service is carefully designed to avoid any future failure and maintain your door running smoothly. The least we want is for you to waste your money or your time. For that reason our clients’ satisfaction is vital in the success of our business as it accounts for our greatest reward.

Top Team Garage Door Repairr

Garage Door Repair

Don’t wait centuries to have your garage doors revised or repaired. Just use our one-of-a-kind express services. We are especially trained for repairing stretched springs, openers, frayed cables and rail tracks re-calibration. No matter what your circumstances are, we can take care of them! We use only top-notch replacement parts and tools in order to provide the best possible service.

Garage Door Service

Did you know that same-day appointments are available with our professionally trained and skilled technicians? Being open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week provides us with the opportunity to serve you when it’s most convenient and necessary for you. There’s no waiting, wondering, or wishing when you’ve hired us! Not to mention each installment of a new door at Top Team Garage Door includes a full warranty entirely free for you. We want you to rest easy knowing we guarantee your door will be installed quickly, correctly, and at your convenience.
We understand that your garage door needs to look good, work well, and keep you and your family safe, and that’s our aim with each and every installation or repair job we complete. We are available 24/7 so that we can take care of our customers’ needs when they need us most. Feel free to contact us here on the website, via live chat, by phone at 952-377-8884, or stop by our locations in Apple ValleyBlaineBloomingtonBurnsvilleCrystalEaganEdinaMinneapolisSt. PaulGolden ValleyRosevilleShakopee, and Shoreview, we are able and happy to serve the greater Twin Cities area of Minnesota and beyond.. We look forward to serving you!

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Top Team Garage Door Repair

Top Team Garage Door Repair