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Top Team Garage Door Repair

Eagan’s Top Team Garage Door Repair

You woke up this morning to take the trash out, and the garage door just won’t open. It sputters and tries to go up, but never makes it. You realized that it’s a bit slanted, and assume it must be off its tracks. At this point, you have a few options.

You can try to fix it yourself. This could result in you finding a solution. However, it could also result in personal injury, further damaging your garage door, and jeopardizing the tools you used. For most people, this isn’t a risk worth taking. Garage doors require specialized tools and techniques that the average handyman just can’t employ.

Your second option is to call your neighborhood repair company—the same people who come out every time you have a maintenance problem. You’ve relied on them before, so maybe they’ll do a good job this time. But you have to remember that they’re usually dealing with stable parts of your home—not garage doors that move and rely on heavy machinery to function. This isn’t their area of expertise.

The final option and most efficient option is to call our experts at Eagan’s Top Team who specialize in garage door repair and installment. They’ll arrive equipped with the proper tools, parts, and knowledge. While it may be slightly more expensive than doing it on your own, you’re guaranteed the peace of mind that comes with having a professional work on your garage door. After addressing the issue, our garage door technicians at Top Team are trained to perform safety, balance, and function tests. That way, you know your garage door is in the best shape before they clock out.

Our Areas of Expertise

Call our technicians at Eagan’s Top Team Garage Door, and we’ll repair or install any door you send our way. It doesn’t matter if it’s off the tracks, rusting, or the victim of bad weather. No matter what the case, we’ll be able to fix it on time and at an affordable price. Here at Eagan’s Top Team, we pride ourselves on fast, efficient, and cost-effective service. That’s why we’re focussed on same-day repairs/installations and sticking to the quotes we provide.

Our team is fully equipped to install a new door. We offer a wide variety of options, differing in style, design, and features. The average installation takes anywhere from two to five hours, and as a result, can be completed in a single day. All Top Team installations are followed up by balance, function, and safety test. We can also remove your existing garage door and safely dispose of it if need be.

We are also experienced with garage door openers. Often, your garage door itself may be installed correctly, but the system used to open it is malfunctioning. Our team has trained on a wide variety of models, and can confidently address any issues you experience.

We are also prepared to work on any existing garage door in the same fashion. When we’re done working on your current garage door, it may seem as if we have installed a new one. At the end of every day, that’s our goal. We also encourage our customers to schedule us in for routine checks and maintenance, as these increase the lifespan of a garage door and opener.

Why You Should Work With Top Team Egan

At Eagan’s Top Team, we believe that repairing your garage door is only a small part of your job. While it’s an important one, it doesn’t encompass everything we hope to accomplish. We want to deliver superior customer service and take every step needed to ensure our customer’s satisfaction and security. When you work with us, you can trust that you’ll be working with experts who take particular pride in the accuracy, cleanliness, and efficiency of their work. That pride is demonstrated by the way our technicians interact with you and your home—from taking great care to address your concerns to maintaining a tidy workspace.

Refuse to Trust an Amateur

If something isn’t performing up to your standards, it needs to be fixed. However, trusting an amateur to fix it is the wrong way to go. Here at Top Team, we know how much you rely on your garage door functioning correctly, and what an essential part of your home it is. We’re focused on helping you get your home running smoothly as soon as possible. When you work with our team, you’ll be working with trained, field-tested experts who have years of experience on the job. You don’t have to worry about amateur technicians entering your home, doing a subpar job, and forcing you to hire someone else to fix their mistakes. Instead, you’ll have extremely fast, efficient, and quality garage door installment and repair services.

Satisfaction Guarantee

When you work with Egan’s Top Team, you can be confident in the fact that we back up the work we perform and the expert technicians we send to complete it. We have trained our entire team to walk you through the work they intend to implement and to demonstrate that they accomplished those goals at the end of the job. By performing safety, balance, and function tests, our team can further demonstrate their success. You should never be stuck paying for a service that isn’t up to your standards.

Affordable Garage Door Services

Maintenance work can get expensive. With hidden fees, hourly costs, and subpar technicians, many companies can have you paying an arm and a leg for a simple fix. When you work with our team, that’s not the case. We don’t drag out our jobs too long, and we don’t believe in hidden fees. The quote we give you will always be accurate, and we’ll detail every aspect of it (from the parts you’re purchasing to the labor involved). We won’t do any work on your garage door that you don’t approve, and all purchases will be run by you before being made. With a large selection of products, there’s sure to be a good option for every budget.

Professionalism Every Step of the Way

We’ve been on the receiving end of horrible technicians one too many times. We know what it’s like for rude, inconsiderate, unorganized, and messy maintenance workers to come to your home. That’s why we’re committed to being different at Top Team in Eagan. The technicians we send to work with you are not only experts but also dedicated to customer service and being respectful of your time and space.

We strive to leave your home in better shape than we found it. When repairing an issue with your garage door, we’ll take care of any routine maintenance that needs doing as well. We don’t leave messes behind, and we diligently keep our workplaces tidy. After we’ve left, no one will be able to tell we were there.

We Understand Your Time is Valuable

When you call the other guys, they’ll give you a six-hour window of when they might show up to work on your garage door. And then, you have no idea how long the process will take. Their equipment could be lying around your garage for days while you wait to be able to park your card inside again. At Top Team, we respect your time more than that. We promise to show up on time and to complete our work promptly, often on the same day that we arrived. We’ll work around your schedule, even coming in on evenings and weekends to accommodate your needs.

We are Committed to Safety

A garage door is the most significant, most dangerous moving object attached to your home. More often than not, they are operated by automatic garage door openers which can potentially malfunction. Proper installation, operation, maintenance, and testing are required to provide safe, trouble-free operation. A garage door or garage opener that is not adjusted correctly can cause severe injury and even death as a result of being hit by a moving part or trapped underneath the door.

We take every step necessary to ensure your garage door and garage door opener are as safe as possible. That means following industry-level standards and educating you on how to maintain your garage door moving forward. You should commit to making monthly inspections of your garage door and garage door opener. Check for any lose springs, wiring, or bolts, in addition to making sure that it is functioning as expected. If there’s a potential issue, call our 24/7 hotline for free advice.

Who We Are

Eagan’s Top Team Garage Door Repair & Service professionals are committed to both their industry and clients. Striving to improve and offer the best service possible, they work faster and more efficiently than any competitor in the Eagan area. In fact, our garage door repair team in Eagan has a track record of maintaining clients over multiple years. Why? Because we quickly make our customers confident that we are the go-to resource for their garage door service needs.

Imagine that you’re leaving home to go to your job in Eagan, but your garage door just won’t open. You’re forced to get out of your car and manually open and close it, making you late for work. At that point, you have two options. You can call our garage door repair and service experts, or you can call the other guys. Sure, we’ll both get it done. But if you want the work on your garage door done well, affordably, and quickly, we’re your only option. If you call them, you may be late to work for another week.

Our Basic Services

Regardless of your garage door needs, Eagan Garage Doors is here to help. We have endless tools at our disposable, and years of experience to back them up. We guarantee perfect results every time we work with you. We promise that we can tackle and garage door issue you throw at us. Here’s an overview of our areas of expertise:

Eagan Garage Door Installation

Our team can install a wide variety of garage doors. Whether you’re looking to purchase a traditional wooden or steel door, or a more modern thermal insulation garage door, it won’t be a problem. Over the years, we’ve gained the necessary experience to install any garage door available on the market.

Eagan Garage Door Repair Service

While garage doors may seem simple, they’re easy to tear apart. Fixing your garage door yourself, or relying on a less experienced repair company, could result in having to buy a new garage door altogether. If you’re unsure that it needs a full repair, just give us a call for expert advice on the house.

Get in Touch Today

Our Eagan Garage Door Repair & Service professionals are on-call 24/7. There’s not a problem that you can’t approach our expert technicians with, from springs to rails to door surface issues. There isn’t a garage door we can’t repair or replace. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can provide you with garage door advice and a repair quote. We’re happy to answer any of your questions, and at the very least to offer you information on how to move forward. We know issues with your garage door can be an extreme nuisance, and that’s why we put a focus on customer service every step of the way.

Address: 1959 Shawnee Rd, Suite 555, Eagan, MN 55122
Phone: 651-376-3377

Eagan Garage Door Service

Are you still here? Rush to your closest phone and call our phone number located on your right side, to get in touch with one of our kind crew members. Our staff is comprised with nothing but skilled professionals who will be gladly respond any inquiries you may have and will subsequently answer you back. Finally, at the earliest we have become aware of everything there is to learn relating your requirements, we will address to you a transparent quote containing all the information of your request.

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Garage Door Repair Eagan For many years now, Top Team Garage Door has provided the Eagan, Minnesota area with fast, affordable, friendly garage door service and sales. Are you interested in replacing your out-of-date or dented and dinged garage door? Has the door just stopped working? Has the opener somehow malfunctioned or needs repair? We are here to assist you! We know there are dozens of other garage door businesses you could call upon, but we hope our reputation of excellence speaks for itself. 24/7 availability for our clients means we can be reached day or night, at any time, to replace or repair your garage door. Have your family members, and close friends remarked on your garage door when they've come to visit? Almost a quarter of the exterior of your home is taken up by a front-facing garage door. Why not buy an affordable practical but also Read More.
Top Team Garage Door Repair

Top Team Garage Door Repair