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Garage Door Repair Kenosha

Are you looking for a reliable company to have your garage door repaired? Look no further! Top Team Garage Door Repair Kenosha is a renowned company in the garage door industry. We have highly qualified professionals to provide with the best service possible. Our experts have extensive experience in garage door repair. Therefore, they are trained to identify any problem and accurately act to fix it in no time and no hassle.

We all know that owning a home is a difficult task – keeping the house in the best shape possible can become more demanding than even buying the property. The bigger the house is, the harder it is to follow an appropriate maintenance routine. However, it pays off when you receive a compliment from a friend or a relative for keeping your home in great condition.

Homes with garages are known for their privacy, comfort, and space. Nowadays, a garage is not only used to keep the car safe when at home. It also gives homeowners the opportunity to use that space for different purposes. It is no surprise that most people appreciate their garage doors. Regardless of the use they give to the garage, the garage door is what separates your belongings from being outdoors and exposed to the weather. This is why keeping your garage door in good condition and fully operational is essential to protect your property.

Homeowners trust their garage doors to properly work and thus feel confident about their items´ safety. This is why it is very important to keep an eye on the functioning of the garage door and take action before any problem gets worse:

Here is a list of the most common problems we encounter:

  • Garage Door Does Not Open or Close Correctly

A garage door is expected to smoothly open and close. Any delay in the mechanism is worth of your attention. If you have a remote garage opener, check batteries, sensors and switches first. If you open the garage door manually, check for obstructions in the wheel track. Weather change can affect the lubrication of the mechanism. One of the main causes of stuck garage doors is that they hang unevenly. Consult with a professional before the problem gets worse.

  • The Door Is Moving Side to Side

Look for any debris in the tracks that might be blocking the wheels. Clear and clean them to check if the problem is solved. If not, check the condition and functioning of the springs. They should be the same length and stretch evenly. On doors with automatic openers, the motors that control both sides of the door may be failing. A timely replacement may prevent or fix this.

  • Unusual and Loud Noises

Pay attention to any loud clicking or rattling noises that come from the garage door mechanism when opening or closing it. Fortunately, the sounds are often due to lack of maintenance. You may also notice the garage door rapidly shaking, which can be hazardous to people living in the property. If the garage door doesn’t open quickly, or has difficulty opening, some parts may be missing or in need of replacement. Also, check the tracks to be sure there are no debris interrupting the wheels. Schedule an inspection to determine the underlying cause and prevent putting more stress on the parts.

  • Garage Door Lowers too Quickly

A falling garage door can increase the chances of suffering an accident for the people opening or closing it. This problem is caused by broken cables or overly loose springs. With the door in the closed position, carefully evaluate the state of the system to determine what the problem is. Do not replace springs or cables on your own. Instead, get advice from a professional at Top Team Garage Door Repair Kenosha. There are several safety hazards related to replacing garage door springs without the proper equipment, knowledge, and experience.

  • The Remote Control Is Not Properly Working

Check the batteries and switches to make sure the device is powered up. If the garage door is still having problems to open or close correctly, there might a problem related to the functioning of the system –the motor or the sensors may need to be replaced.

Try not to park your car in the garage until the garage door is repaired and fully operative. Additionally, try not to open and close the door while it’s in this condition. It’s especially important that you and your family stay away from the garage door cables and springs until a professional evaluates them.

To get a consultation with our experts call Top Team Garage Door Repair Kenosha, and get your garage door repaired today!

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