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Top Team Garage Door Repair Greendale

Is your garage door in need of a repair? Top Team Garage Door Repair Greendale is the best solution! If your garage door is looking aged and shabby and makes funny noises when opening and closing, it may be time for a touch-up. Garage doors are crucial for your home’s safety and privacy. However, they deteriorate over time. It is imperative to follow a maintenance routine and stay attentive to deterioration signs to make sure the door works correctly.

Below is a list of maintenance tips you can apply to preserve your garage door utility:

Batteries Must Be Working

It is easy to forget checking the batteries on any device until it stops working. Your garage door opener is no exception. Open your garage door opener and change the batteries. If the garage door is not working yet, it is time to look for another source that may be discharging the batteries. Sometimes wall transmitters run on batteries, so investigate every possible cause of a pesky dead battery. Once you find out what is running your batteries out of energy, change them again and try one more time with the garage door. If the door continues to ignore you, there are some other possible issues. It would be an excellent moment to employ the service of an expert like Top Team Garage Door Repair Greendale.

Make Sure the Electronic Eye Is Unobstructed

Garage doors rely on a pair of photosensitive eyes to maintain operational safety. These sensors shoot out a beam which crosses the path of the door opening. If the light trajectory becomes obstructed, the doors may fail to open — or they will not close all the way.

There is no need to mention the importance of this feature for the safety of the mechanism. Without the sensors, your door may accidentally close on a person or object, causing injury or damage as well as possibly damaging the garage door.

If there is an object blocking the sensors, remove it. In case nothing stands before the sensor, check if some dirt is obscuring the eyes. The eye’s closeness to the ground makes it more prone to dirt buildup.

The sensitivity of the eye demands a specific maintenance routine. It is crucial to prevent any scratches on the surface of the sensor as it would damage its vision. To clean the eye, merely take a soft cloth, apply a mild cleaning solution to the fabric and gently massage to remove any debris. It is best if you have a microfiber cloth. This type of small material usually comes with cameras. Since cameras have a similar lens, consider your garage door sensor as sensitive as a camera lens.

For the cleaning solution, we recommend employing a simple combination of 50/50 water and vinegar. Any other cleaner that doesn’t foam up or leave residues should work, too. Make sure you perform this task for both eyes and then attempt a test. If the door still doesn’t budge, then your eyes could be misaligned.

Some sensors have light indicators. One example includes those with a red light on the left and a green one on the right. You want both lights to show a solid color. If one is flashing, then it is not aligned with its partner. Remember to get the advice of a professional and have them aligned again if necessary.

Garage Door Opens When It Should Close and Closes When It Should Open

Garage doors come with a reverse mechanism which serves as a safety feature. This feature can prevent the door from pulverizing objects in the door’s path. Sometimes these sensors become triggered accidentally. Partially closing door syndrome is often another symptom of sensor malfunction.

Another possible cause of unwanted door reversal concerns the track rollers. Through the years, dirt and debris accumulate along the interior of the track. This gunk can block the pathway of the rollers, causing undue stress on the closing mechanism.

Occasionally, you might discover a damaged roller. In this circumstance, calling a Top Team Garage Door Repair Greendale professional is the smartest solution. Repairing or replacing rollers requires expert attention. Attempting to perform this task yourself may risk your safety.

Look For Rust and Keep the Parts Lubricated

Years of wear and tear can dry up your garage door system. Make sure the mechanism is lubricated at all times. Ask us for advice on what kind of grease is best for your garage door mechanism. Also, check there are not rusty parts. Rust can quickly spread among your garage door parts. A timely replacement of any rusty parts can save you tons of money and prevent further damage.

Remember your garage door is essential to preserve your home’s safety. Our professionals at Top Team Garage Door Repair Greendale are ready to serve you! Call us today!

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Top Team Garage Door Repair

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