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Top Team Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair Des Plaines

Garage door problems are a thing of the past for Des Plaines residents. With Top Team Garage Door’s office now in the town, you can call us at any time, 24/7 to fix any issues. Our qualified technicians are not only experienced in garage door repair, but also maintenance and installation.

Garage Door Openers Remotes, and More. We Handle ‘em All

You can have the best garage door on the market but if it doesn’t open properly, it isn’t much use to you. Our certified technicians have the expertise to repair a variety of garage door openers and remotes, including models from top brands like Liftmaster, Chamberlain, and Genie. If the opener or remote is beyond repair, our team can offer and install replacements. For fast, reliable service, Top Team Garage Door is here to help.

Get Your Garage Door Opener Replaced by Professionals

While we can repair all types of garage door openers – including belt, screw, and chain drive models from leading manufacturers like Genie, Liftmaster, and Chamberlain – Top Team only carries our own PDS-800 opener.

If your opener needs to be replaced, the PDS 800 system is feature-rich, reliable, and guaranteed to provide years of smooth, trouble free operation. And it has the quietest motor on the market.

Our PDS 800 comes with two remotes and a wall button. The operator reinforcement bracket supports the door panel and prevents the top panel of the garage door from cracking or splitting under the tension of the garage door opening and closing. Also comes with Limited Lifetime Warranty.

We also Repair Garage Door Openers

Many times it is much easier and cheaper to quickly repair your garage door opener rather than replace the entire unit. At Top Team, we service just about all major brands of garage door openers, including Genie, Liftmaster, and Chamberlain as well as all drive types.

  • Belt Drive Openers Uses a fiberglass, polyurethane, or steel-reinforced rubber belt to guide the trolley, opening or closing the door. They are very reliable and incredibly quiet. An ideal choice for attached garages where noise is an issue.
  • Chain Drive Openers The most common garage door opener and operate similar to belt drives but with a chain pushing or pulling the trolley. The metal to metal function can cause these drives to be a bit noisier than their belt driven cousins, but they do tend to be more affordable.
  • Screw Drive Openers Said to be the most maintenance free opener as they have less moving pieces. The motor rotates a threaded steel rod which move the trolley allowing for quick and reliable function. In the past these openers were considered the loudest choice, but recent innovations have improved this.

Jackshaft Openers An ideal choice when overhead clearance or high ceilings are an issue, as mount on the wall next to your door as opposed to above it. They run quiet and are very durable but do tend to be more expensive than other types of drives.

Direct Drive Openers Moves the door up and down using only the motor. The motor itself moves along a stationary chain opening and closing the door. With only one moving part these openers are the most quiet choice and very dependable.

There are however a few circumstances that we will either highly recommend replacement or where we cannot repair the opener due to safety standards. These include:

  • Openers made before 1993
  • Openers that do not have photo electric eyes
  • Openers that have been recalled
  • Openers that have been discontinued where parts are not available

Top Team Technicians Fix Problems with Your Remotes & Accessories

We offer comprehensive service for remotes, including reprogramming, diagnosing interference issues, and evaluating other problems that may be preventing your remote from functioning at its best.

Additionally, if you wish to replace your garage door remotes, we can help you determine which product is right for your needs. Newer models offer a number of advanced features, such as rolling security codes that automatically change each time the system is activated to prevent others from gaining access to your code, so it may make sense to upgrade to a new remote even if your old model can be repaired.

Request a Quote or Schedule an Appointment

If you are having trouble with your garage door opener or remote, Top Team Garage Door can help. Our technicians service models from Genie, Liftmaster, Chamberlain, and other major brands, and we can fix your problem right – the first time. For more information, contact us today.

Des Plaines Garage Door Service

Are you still here? Rush to your closest phone and call our phone number located on your right side, to get in touch with one of our kind crew members. Our staff is comprised with nothing but skilled professionals who will be gladly respond any inquiries you may have and will subsequently answer you back. Finally, at the earliest we have become aware of everything there is to learn relating your requirements, we will address to you a transparent quote containing all the information of your request.

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Garage Door Repair Des Plaines For many years now, Top Team Garage Door has provided the Des Plaines, Illinois area with fast, affordable, friendly garage door service and sales. Are you interested in replacing your out-of-date or dented and dinged garage door? Has the door just stopped working? Has the opener somehow malfunctioned or needs repair? We are here to assist you! We know there are dozens of other garage door businesses you could call upon, but we hope our reputation of excellence speaks for itself. 24/7 availability for our clients means we can be reached day or night, at any time, to replace or repair your garage door. Have your family members, and close friends remarked on your garage door when they've come to visit? Almost a quarter of the exterior of your home is taken up by a front-facing garage door. Why not buy an affordable practical but also Read More.
Top Team Garage Door Repair

Top Team Garage Door Repair