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Things To Do In Chicago With Kids


Things To Do In Chicago With Kids


Greetings again, pals, from the Windy City!

As summertime approaches, families with kids start thinking about what to do to keep them busy and enjoy together the warm weather.

Well, folks, here I have put together some notes and recommendations for you to take a look at.

The list includes a little of everything, from paid to free things to do in Chicago that will cost you nothing!

OK, here we go! My first favorite is:



Kohl’s Children’s Museum offers a nice assortment of activities for kids up to 8 years old.

They have seventeen indoor hands-on exhibits and a two-acre outdoor one that includes a grass maze, a sculpture trail, and some climbing structures. It also has a science laboratory for kids to explore machines, their technologies and processes.

It’s real fun for the little ones!

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I believe most kids (and many adults) love animals. If your family does too, here you have another place to get in touch with the animal kingdom.

Hold a Baby Lamb is an event you and the children can enjoy every Saturday and Sunday at Pioneer Farm.

From 9 am to 3 pm, beginning March 17 and ending May 13, kids will be able to hold and pet baby lambs, goats, baby chicks, and ducks. They will also be able to feed a bottle to the young animals and have a lot of fun while learning about them.

It’s a valuable direct-contact experience you and your family will love!



Do you remember flying a kite in your childhood days? For those of you who didn’t (and also for your kids, I guess) now is your chance to do it.

The Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events will teach children (and you) how to make and fly kites. Kids permitting, May is the right time for you to go fly a kite.

Whether in the city or the suburbs, the Department will provide the kids with free kits to design and create their own kites. There will be face painting activities too (sorry, not for you this time) and different crafts.

To close the events, a piñata-like kite with candies will be dropped from an aircraft.

The activities will take place at different locations, so contact the Department for specific information.



I agree that kids should get a good share of parks and playgrounds, but some culture can be fun too.

The activities The Art Institute of Chicago has created are a marvelous opportunity for kids to start appreciating art.

Picture This, Story Time and the mini-tours or family self-guided tours are some instances especially designed for pint-sized visitors.



This event is another favorite of mine when it comes to kids and art.

The DuPage Children’s Museum offers free, hands-on activities for children after admission, including sculptures made using household items. The kids can experience playing tunes on improvised instruments and conducting a make believe orchestra.

Other events include painting and drawing. Everything to awaken appreciation for the plastic arts. Luckily this place is close to our Chicago garage door repair office.



This learning center is a beautiful place to be in direct contact with nature and learn about trees.

The Arboretum is an education leader promoting among teachers, students, and families the love and appreciation for trees and life.

The Morton Arboretum education programs are designed to address the interests of the young learner as well as of the adult participant.

I hope you find the time to visit one or more of these attractions in Chicago this summer. And I hope to hear from you soon!

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